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My body and me

In this section, you'll find quizzes, games, and answers to your questions about body image and eating disorders. Find out how much you know and learn more. Ready? Go!

Tests & Quiz

Here you can test your knowledge on different subjects regarding weight, appearance and eating. Are you ready? Go!

Test my knowledge!

Take a look behind the scenes of Photoshop?

It’s a known fact that most of the images we see in magazines are retouched. Same goes for the music videos and the movies. Could you recognize the changes?

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Speak Up

What is an eating disorder?

You’ve probably noticed that our emotions and the way we eat are intimately connected. Think about it… have you ever been unable to eat because of stress (the night before an exam, for instance)? Have you ever eaten to relieve anxiety and to feel better?

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It’s about a friend

Perhaps you don’t quite know how to help your friend. Maybe you feel helpless and are going through a series of emotions with regards to what he/she is experiencing. In any case, it is important not to feel alone during such situations.

I want to help!